Ask City Council, ask your MPP, and ask your school board!

Today’s NEW YORK TIMES (July 12 2013) runs a full feature article on noise and learning, noise and sleep deprivation.  We live in noisy times. But the chronic exposure of noise can be devastating to your health, and your child’s.  Add to construction noise, turbine mechanical noise and low frequency and infrasound.

“Beyond harming hearing, chronic exposure to noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Children in classrooms buffeted by outside noise lag behind, and their teachers report lower job satisfaction. Pervasive background noise may damage the hearing center of babies’ developing brains, research has found, possibly leading to auditory and language-related development delays. And though people may assume they have grown accustomed to noise, a constant din, even at low frequencies, often takes a heavy physiological toll. Noise can cause stress even when a person is sleeping.


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