WARNING to Parents: “your children are being brain-washed” by Ontario Teachers! … Part 11

November 15, 2013

Here’s Part 11 of what one can only call “out and out Child Abuse” by our present education sector in Ontario. Left wing politically motivated Government edicts continuously being dictated by the Ontario Government vis a vis their various organizations into the education of our children is totally unacceptable!

Get your Damn Dirty Hands Off My Children!!!!!!!

Since when does the Ontario Power Authority have any legitimate involvement inside our school systems??????

Who gave this gaggle of governors and over-paid executives  the power to influence our young minds without any oversight?

Time for our legal authorities to crack open this anti- Democratic gulag of insanity called the Government of Ontario and start laying charges!

Parents across Ontario who really care about their children’s young minds should be out in the streets looking for these miscreants who are psychologically attacking the young!


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