Video: Health effects explained

It isn’t just annoying noise

What’s interesting in the new documentary WIND RUSH is not the usual mantra about clean energy. What’s interesting is that the health effects of windfarms are recognized by health professionals, and explained very clearly. So we made an abridged version grouping the parts that help understand why there is a health problem.

Here it is below. It’s an eye-opener for most people.


Abridged video from WIND RUSH – Feb. 25, 2013

Not to be missed in the abridged version above: the explanations of Dr Nissenbaum, starting after 2 minutes 34 seconds (2:34 as shown on the meter below the video), then after 3:24, and after 5:10 (do not miss this last one): MODULATION is a big problem. And so is low frequency sound (including infrasound): do not miss Dr Alec Salt on that subject. In fact, do not miss any of the doctors and professors who speak – they are grouped together for your convenience in the abridged video.

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