Try living by them: challenge to turbine supporters

Jun 18, 2013

Grimsby Lincoln News

By: Amanda Moore

Wellandport mother suggests registry to buy, trade properties

A Wellandport mother is challenging supporters of wind energy to put their money where their mouths are.

Shellie Correia has issued a challenge to supporters of wind energy: buy our homes.

“What I am suggesting, is a registry, for ecology-minded people like yourself, to sign up to buy, or trade, property and homes from the people in communities with wind turbines, that are being made miserable, through no fault of their own,” said Correia. “No one is asking you to do anything that you haven’t already said was reasonable to do in exchange for green energy.  Proponents of green energy say all the time that they would love to live near the turbines, and they don’t believe that they would suffer any health effects from them.”

Correia, who moved to Wellandport to escape the city life, will have one industrial wind turbine erected at the minimum provincial setback of 550 metres from her home. There will be four others within a four-kilometre radius.

She doesn’t want to live next to the monolithic giants. She fears they will harm her 12-year-son Joey, who already suffers some sensory processing disorder.

Her country home is her sanctuary. The closest wind turbine, will be visible from the Correia’s pool, where they spend most of the summer months.

Correia said by trading or selling homes to supporters of green energy, researchers currently studying the effects of wind turbines on health would be unable to blame the “nocebo” effect for the results.

“There is absolutely no point in studying people who have already decided that they don’t like industrial turbines, because they will be accused of the nocebo effect, or worse, if they admit suffering from any symptoms,” Correia said. “Pro-wind advocates, cannot be accused in this way.

“If you like a real challenge, West Lincoln Is slated for 3 megawatt turbines, over 600 feet tall.  There are lots of homes up for sale now, beautiful homes, in move-in condition,” she said. “You will be able to brag to all of your green friends, what a wonderful thing you are doing to help climate change.”

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