Renewable Energy – Wind Turbines and Children

Dear Mr. Mayor, it has come to my attention that Children everywhere are being educated in “Renewable Energy”, including Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s). Conservation is a very valuable part of this programme, but IWT’s are not. They are at best irresponsible propaganda as part of the strategy of Wind Associations to secure future profits for the wind industry. They are NOT for the benefit of theEnvironment, the City of Toronto or the Province of Ontario.

Innocent people, people who have not studied what they are getting into, are bribed and blinded by statistics. Children are intentionally misinformed. City residents do not suffer from IWT’s and blindly believe the wind industry that this kind of electricity is green. They are willing to pay more, because they believe the propaganda that they help to “save the planet”. Yet all they accomplish is to underwrite the guaranteed profits of Wind Industry. The old adage applies here on the grand scale: if it sounds too good to be true it is. Children are being horribly misled; what adults can they believe in, once they find out the truth and suffer the consequences?

They suffered and still suffer the promotions of so many wrong products, from Tobacco to unhealthy foods and Alcohol to their detriment – and now you can add IWT’s to it – all for commercial profits and not for the good of our people. No wonder today’s youth becomes more and more disenchanted with the way the world works. Let me be brief:

1 Wind power is inefficient and very expensive. And not only, because it needs backup power for when the wind does not blow. (Germany is building 17 Coal fired power stations to backup their IWT’s).

2 There is no reduction in pollution. CO2 emissions remain a problem due to the necessary irregular use of backup operations.

3 IWT’s cause serious health issues – similar to constant water drops on your head.

4 Property values in areas around IWT’s drop by as much as 60%.

5 IWT’s kill birds and bats by the thousands, hundreds of thousands worldwide, through impact and suction.

6 Ontario sells (or gives away) its extremely expensive excess power to our neighbours at huge losses, paid for by Ontario residents. And causes Manufacturers to leave Ontario for the cheaper electricity elsewhere.

7 IWT’s are short-lived and require much significant maintenance . Thousands are already abandoned and left standing in farmers fields. They will never be economically feasible without continued taxpayers support to the detriment of Ontario’s economy. Taxpayers’ money – given to our neigbours – is not spent in Toronto and Ontario.

8 Tourist areas (eg near water access) lose tourist dollars – IWT’s destroy the tranquility of “getting away from it all” and blight our otherwise beautiful countryside.

9 More and more reasons as collected under this website:

The City of Toronto desperately needs to be aware of these and many more issues associated with IWT’s. Please ask the experts in science, economics, and engineering and read just some of the articles in the compendium on this subject in point 9 above. The people constantly exposed to Industrial Wind Turbines are not NIMBY’s – they suffer serious issues for the benefit of unrealistic politicians and manufacturers, who use innocent, believing, dreaming people – and even misinform children – for their continued profits. And in the end, as is particularly the case here in Ontario and Toronto, IWT’s destroy the economy. Manufacturing plants leave our province to produce products and employment elsewhere, namely where power is produced more intelligently and therefore cheaper. And all the extra dollars consumers have to pay to finance this extraordinary exploitation of the good will of people is spent for the benefit of a few companies in other countries and not for the benefit of the economy of this City and Province. In spite of all the facts, the Ontario Government and some of its Municipalities to this day are still part of this madness! Hopefully those Municipalities and their residents, who have come to understand the scope of this deceit, will succeed to stop this ill-considered Industrial Wind Turbine Energy solution to our environmental problems.

Herwig Wandschneider

Waterloo, Ontario


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