Partnerships and Advertising in Schools

Do you have kids at Brookside P.S. ??? Or is a wind company bribing YOUR children? 

Dear Ms. Holmes, Principal of Brookside P.S.,

Please tell me that this information is not true.

“Samsung/Pattern has given the Brookside school $25,000 for  playground equipment, and company reps had been visiting the school for ‘green’ activities including tree planting.”

I read in your Newsletter online that you do have a new playground, but can’t believe you have accepted bribe money from Samsung/Pattern, the wind turbine company which is decimating the rural landscape all around your school, not to mention negatively affecting the health of  many families.

Please explain the t-shirt below.  If we are teaching our children  about integrity, we would need to demonstrate integrity as an example so as not to confuse them. Please set the record straight asap.   Thanks.

k2 tee

Dianne Waun, Exeter


Policies NEED to be in place for many turbine related matters and schools.
1. No propaganda for kids!  No bribes.
2.  No threshold for small turbines on site or near.
Caithness also has documented 221 separate incidences of blade failure, with pieces of blades documented to have flown over 1,300 meters—or 4,266 feet (4/5 of a mile). Blade pieces have gone through roofs and walls of nearby buildings.
At least 121 structural failures have been recorded too, including entire wind turbines that have crashed to the ground. The website documents many of these. Turbines have crashed to the ground in school yards, near homes, roads and walking paths where only by sheer luck was no one underneath when the multi-ton structures collapsed. In the Palm Springs area, a turbine spinning out of control forced closure of a major highway. There are also concerns about many turbines still standing –where failures such as cracked foundations and sinkage have been observed.
4.  Wind turbine children website under development!
Let me know if you want more ammo!
The school might like to be proactive, rather than the guinea pig of the wind industry. THE WORST THING they can do, is endorse projects by sending kids home with Tee shirts, or written propaganda.

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