Open Submission: Industrial Wind Turbines can Harm Humans — Yeats Family

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq
Minister of Health
Health Canada
The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
David S. Michaud, PhD
Principal Investigator
May 6, 2013
Dear Minister Aglukkaq,
Re: Wind turbines can harm humans: health and social-economic impacts
This submission is being made on request and on behalf of the Yeats family from Wareham, Ontario. The project has been operational for over a year.
The attached submission references that that 10 Billion dollars has been invested in a green concept by the Canadian government and more investment is pending.
Despite appeals from many rural families, some with babies and children, some elderly, some with pre-existing medical conditions, the Canadian government continues to ignore the people who have been harmed and will be harmed in the future.
There has been limited investment on the wind turbine health file with the exception of a $1.8 million dollar investment in a Wind Turbine noise study that will be completed in 2014 and will not be definitive.
The family’s living environment has been altered by the imposition of an industrial wind energy facility in proximity to their home. This was done without their consent. Within a short period of time, family members are reporting serious health effects and there is no remedy except to remove the source by leaving their home. This would seem to violate ethical and human rights which are expected in our Canadian democratic society.
Until guidelines are established that protect human health and social-economic viability, no further development of wind energy facilities should occur and existing sites reporting health issues should be resolved to the satisfaction of the New Experts.
In the meantime, on behalf of the Yeats family, I am requesting that emergency funding be considered to relocate the family to restore their physical, mental and social well-being until resolution has been achieved to their satisfaction.
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Yeats family, from Wareham, Ontario,
Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Ontario, Canada

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