Kids Before Trees

Kids Before Trees

By Geoffrey S Sander

Copyright Geoffrey S Sander 2011

Smashwords Edition


The environmental movement is being permanently damaged by phony claims and sensationalist headlines. Did you know that bio-fuels actually increase CO2 emissions, or that the hydrogen fuel cell increases our reliance on foreign oil? If wind generated electricity costs five times more than conventional electricity and doesn’t reduce emissions, does it make sense to build windmills? We want to take care of our environment, but if we take tax dollars away from legitimate environmental causes to support bogus ones we are hurting the environment, not helping it-even if we meanwell.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and hurting the environment in thebelief that we’re helping it is still hurting it. But how are we supposed to know what isthe right thing to do about global warming, or the energy crisis? How do we separate the lies from the truth? These are the questions I asked myself, and this book is the answer to these questions.

This cold winter morning I’ve been watching the birds at the feeder in the tree outside my kitchen window. I love to hear the birds sing. I consider myself a trueenvironmentalist; I believe that mankind has an obligation to preserve nature, leave a lasting legacy for our children and share the Earth with all of God’s creatures. I want to preserve the environment, but I am not an alarmist, and I am not a fanatic. I believe that humanitarian needs should not be overlooked in our rush to be green.

We are surrounded by people in need. From the child growing up in the ghetto, whose only future is violence, drugs and prostitution to the grandmother who cannot afford medical treatment or the disabled veteran who can’t make ends meet. The homeless, the poverty stricken and the uneducated, destined for a life of crime, surround us. Our jails are full to overflowing and our graveyards are filling with the victims of cancer, Alzheimer’s, AIDS and other incurable diseases. These people need us, but we can’t help them if we are scrubbing rocks with a toothbrush. Our society will fail if we don’t address the needs of people.


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