BBC — August 25, 2012


Wind farm fear prompts family with autistic son to move

A Lincolnshire family with an autistic son said plans for wind turbines near their home had prompted them to move to another county.    The Robinsons used to live in Owmby by Spital where a farmer has applied to put up three turbines on nearby land.

Steven Robinson, 11, has autism and his family claim noise from the facility, or others which could also be built, would cause him distress.

The landowners insist the turbines would not be audible to homes.   They say the power they would generate is vital for their business.

Steven’s father Derek Robinson said they had moved to Leicestershire for the sake of their son’s health.   ”It would make him a prisoner in his own home, he would have to spend all the time inside.   The noise – it would be like listening to a jumbo jet, the sound would terrify him to the point he could not go outside.”

He added that even if the current application was turned down, he felt it was only a matter of time before more turbines were built.

“They are going up like daisies, they are going up everywhere. I think there are 10-plus going up at Hemswell, which is two miles from where we used to live,” he said.

Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Susan Stebbings said more research was needed.


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