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Terrorised for 18 months

GAZETTE GROUP (BN), Wednesday, January 25, 2012, p9


And in the worst case a teenager was threatened, and told to tell anyone who might consider objecting to a particular scheme they would be “seriously hurt”.

SINISTER threats and 18 months of terrifying harassment has left Uplawmoor residents scared for their safety.

Victims of the relentless abuse have been caught up in a vicious land rights vendetta since summer 2010, but now they have had enough.

Dead rats have been left in open view in a yard, and broken glass scattered across a field used by horses.

Outside taps have been turned on overnight to drain private water tanks and burn out fuel pumps.

Horses’ anti-fly coats have been cut off and slashed in pieces and several cars have been vandalised too.

And in the worst case a teenager was threatened, and told to tell anyone who might consider objecting to a particular scheme they would be “seriously hurt”.

The victims have taken their complaints to police, but now they want to “let the world know” the misery they’ve been through.

The Barrhead News has been handed a damning list of sickening acts carried out against villagers who are known to be active in the battle to stop the area’s under-siege greenbelt land from being swallowed up by development.

Over the last year local campaigns have been launched in a bid to stem the tide of new wind turbines and housing schemes.

And while there is no suggestion companies regularly listed in planning applications are involved in any way, the victims of the attacks say some people “won’t tolerate objection” in any form.

It’s understood around seven families have been directly targeted by people determined to silence opposition to controversial plans.

One of the victims, former civil servant Aileen Jackson, is at pains to stress she is not referring to people such as the owner of a nearby Proven-type wind turbine.

She may have problems with it being there, she says, but the people behind it are *“helpful and courteous”.

Aileen told the Barrhead News: “The reason the Uplawmoor Wind Turbine Protest Group was formed was because many residents are opposed to the turbine developments for many various reasons, but are afraid to object as their names and addresses are published on the council website. There are residents who are scared their property will be vandalised, that they’ll suffer verbal abuse, and that their children and grandchildren will be bullied.

“They’re worried their businesses could be hit, and that frail, elderly relatives could also
be targeted. The problems some residents have encountered have been known for many months to some community council members.

“But it is now so bad it has to be made public knowledge in the hope the perpetrators will think twice about their bullying tactics.”
Note I say in the article they were “helpful and courteous”; not any longer!  That apart, we now have 4 x 110m turbines only 1 km from our house which are causing us grief but thankfully we can’t hear them in the house when the windows are shut!

Aileen J.

Letter from Helga Hung

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


Many thanks that we can report our worries and woes.

vielen Dank, dass wir unsere Sorgen und Nöte hier vortragen dürfen.


We are a family with three disabled persons.

Wir sind eine Familie mit drei Behinderten.

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Foals with LFN Exposure Study 2010 Denmark

A paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Wind Turbine (WT) Noise, Lyon, France, outlines an LFN induced pathology in the family and animals, generated by 4 WT installed close to a home.  The child and his family suffered from sleep deprivation, lack of ability to concentration, headaches, extreme noise sensitivity, and much more, and the home became uninhabitable. The child’s performance at school deteriorated profoundly, only to return to stellar once the mother and child moved to Lisbon, away from the turbines.  It is a compelling story of compromised health, for the family, their child,  and their prize animals, only apparent following the installation of four turbines 300 -700 metres from their home.


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Try living by them: challenge to turbine supporters

Jun 18, 2013

Grimsby Lincoln News

By: Amanda Moore

Wellandport mother suggests registry to buy, trade properties

A Wellandport mother is challenging supporters of wind energy to put their money where their mouths are.

Shellie Correia has issued a challenge to supporters of wind energy: buy our homes.

“What I am suggesting, is a registry, for ecology-minded people like yourself, to sign up to buy, or trade, property and homes from the people in communities with wind turbines, that are being made miserable, through no fault of their own,” said Correia. “No one is asking you to do anything that you haven’t already said was reasonable to do in exchange for green energy.  Proponents of green energy say all the time that they would love to live near the turbines, and they don’t believe that they would suffer any health effects from them.”

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