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The constant noise produced by wind turbines can have detrimental effects on all children, but especially children with Special Needs.  Children with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of intrusive noise.

Children and adults who live with these disorders have difficulty processing auditory sensory input; they often do not possess the ability to filter noises.  Thus they may hear all noises at the same level.  The noise created from wind turbines would produce a noise that can cause continuous auditory sensory overload.  This would result in severe interruptions in the person’s ability to concentrate and focus.

Many children with Autism do not have the communications skills to affectively communicate their needs, thus the constant wind turbine noise, coupled with communication deficits, could result in significant increases in aggressive behaviors among children with Autism.  Aggressive behaviors could also increase in individuals with ADD/ADHD.

Not addressing the needs of children with ADD/ADHD, could potentially lead to increased violent crime, as was proven Dr. Susan Young, of Broadmoor Hospital, who conducted research on the connection between ADD/ADHD and crime.

Children with Autism or ADD/ADHD have enough trouble concentrating and focusing both in school and in life in general. The noise created by wind turbines could definitely cause interruptions in their ability to learn, concentrate, think and function.

This noise would also negatively affect children and adults who are severely hearing impaired and have a cochlear implant.  The microphone on a cochlear implant picks up noise from the environment, as well as speech sounds.  The constant noise from the turbines would severely inhibit the ability of a person with a cochlear implant to process sounds, especially speech.

The intrusive sounds created by wind turbines do not only affect children with special needs, but also negatively affect all children.  The constant noise can negatively affect the physical and mental well being of all children. The cardiovascular system, central nervous system, memory, language processing and cognition as well as learning abilities can all be affected by intrusive noises, such as the noise made from wind turbines.

Before forging ahead with wind turbines, more research needs to be done regarding the life-long complications arising from them.

 Julie Eby  B.A., E.A.

Preschool Behavior Therapy

“Opening Windows When Doors are Closed”

WARNING to Parents: “your children are being brain-washed” by Ontario Teachers! … Part 11

November 15, 2013

Here’s Part 11 of what one can only call “out and out Child Abuse” by our present education sector in Ontario. Left wing politically motivated Government edicts continuously being dictated by the Ontario Government vis a vis their various organizations into the education of our children is totally unacceptable!

Get your Damn Dirty Hands Off My Children!!!!!!!

Since when does the Ontario Power Authority have any legitimate involvement inside our school systems??????

Who gave this gaggle of governors and over-paid executives  the power to influence our young minds without any oversight?

Time for our legal authorities to crack open this anti- Democratic gulag of insanity called the Government of Ontario and start laying charges!

Parents across Ontario who really care about their children’s young minds should be out in the streets looking for these miscreants who are psychologically attacking the young!


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Letter to the Vermilion County Board

William C. Mulvaney – October 9, 2013

This letter was submitted to the Vermilion Illinois County Board Chairman Gary Weinard by William C. Mulvaney, the Superintendent of Schools for Armstrong Township High School and Armstrong-Ellis CUD #61 in Illinois. Mr. Mulvaney also served on a wind ordinance panel. His message about students and families suffering the impacts of turbine noise and flicker is important.

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Ask City Council, ask your MPP, and ask your school board!

Today’s NEW YORK TIMES (July 12 2013) runs a full feature article on noise and learning, noise and sleep deprivation.  We live in noisy times. But the chronic exposure of noise can be devastating to your health, and your child’s.  Add to construction noise, turbine mechanical noise and low frequency and infrasound.

“Beyond harming hearing, chronic exposure to noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Children in classrooms buffeted by outside noise lag behind, and their teachers report lower job satisfaction. Pervasive background noise may damage the hearing center of babies’ developing brains, research has found, possibly leading to auditory and language-related development delays. And though people may assume they have grown accustomed to noise, a constant din, even at low frequencies, often takes a heavy physiological toll. Noise can cause stress even when a person is sleeping.


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Educating our Children or Frightening them to Death!

There have been various reports written of late about the effect of indoctrination on young minds. Children, instead of enjoying their few years of youth, are now bombarded by a phalanx of well meaning educators who parrot the sins of the parents be it five a day, obesity, smoking, paedophilia and Climate Change. So many of these seemingly well meaning invasions of the class room are actually paid for and supported by global industries. I recently came across what I considered a pretty awful and irresponsible photograph of primary children hugging a turbine. Firstly this is crass indoctination and secondly a turbine is a potentially dangerous and industrial environment. Would you allow your children to play on a building site or walk around a working factory? I hope not.


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Windpower Propaganda: At A School Near You?

by Sherri Lange
February 11, 2013

“The misconceived greening of children calls for a major grassroots pushback to entirely de-list wind power from curricula. Rip those wind power pages out of textbooks. Or one day soon, tell the truth about industrial wind, NOT story book bucolic tales of wind ‘farms’ or ‘parks’.”

Any parent involved with their children’s homework or school knows that “green” is in. But too often more than that, “green” notions are presented as self-evident truths where there should be critical thinking and discussion. Also too often, federal and state funds are being dispensed to create the ‘greenest’ possible hearts and minds for tomorrow.


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KidWind holds workshop at SWCC


By BAILEY POOLMAN CNA staff reporter | Creston News Advertiser | December 13, 2012 |

Features of the website include “Learn about Wind,” “Teacher Resources,” “Workshops and Events,” “Challenges,” and “Science Kit Store.” These features are part of the overall project that produces parts for small wind turbines, PowerPoints and free school curriculum.

“KidWind has a very long-term focus,” said [KidWind “WindSenator” Joe] Rand. “In the short term, we’ve made a lot of people a little bit smarter, but in the long term, they’ll be the changemakers in the coming years. Voting, support renewable energy, they’ll go on to be the engineers and scientists needed.”

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Forget school dinners, Pupils are now being fed propaganda

by Ben Acheson

NORTH AYRSHIRE Council has been using primary school children to distribute ‘green’, pro-renewables propaganda on behalf of a wind energy developer. What else is there to say? Is there any need to argue that this is unacceptable, downright deplorable behaviour? Surely that one sentence sums up the ethics of wind farm developers.

For anyone who is still ‘on the fence’ about wind power, this astounding news should help to make up their minds once and for all. For the renewable lobby, it is damning evidence that illustrates how developers are nothing more than subsidy-hungry profiteers.

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Brookside PS Concerns

Hi Dianne. I have been asked by Trustee Wagler to provide some additional information in response to a letter from you regarding the Playground Fundraising at Brookside Public School.

In order to make the new playground a reality, Brookside Public School accepted donations from a variety of corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals. The project focused on raising funds to enhance the playground facilities and provide green spaces for the students.

K2 Wind was one of many sponsors of the Brookside project along with corporations such as Toyota, Metro, Majesta, Farm Credit Canada, Hydro One, Elliott Fencing, Advance Insulation, and service clubs such as the Kinettes, Kinsmen, Lions and many more.

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Partnerships and Advertising in Schools

Do you have kids at Brookside P.S. ??? Or is a wind company bribing YOUR children? 

Dear Ms. Holmes, Principal of Brookside P.S.,

Please tell me that this information is not true.

“Samsung/Pattern has given the Brookside school $25,000 for  playground equipment, and company reps had been visiting the school for ‘green’ activities including tree planting.”

I read in your Newsletter online that you do have a new playground, but can’t believe you have accepted bribe money from Samsung/Pattern, the wind turbine company which is decimating the rural landscape all around your school, not to mention negatively affecting the health of  many families.

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