Children’s Medical/Emotional/Social Needs

Wind companies fatten their pockets at the expense of our health and quality of life

We know if we do not feel well, our children do not feel well. They cannot tell us verbally, but they do in other ways. We see a noticeable change in our son’s behavior. He goes from being a normally active 3 year old with an attitude problem to an unreasonable uncontrollable active 3 year old with an attitude problem, that doesn’t end because he goes to sleep. Most nights both of our children have restless nights and both regularly cry out in their sleep. We have no idea what kind of permanent may potentially be being done.

— Luann Therrien

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Ridgeline destruction: What do we tell the kids?

December 9, 2012

Vanessa Mills Holmquist | Rutland Herald via Grandpa’s Knob Wind Project


I have talked to my own children about the importance of conservation and preservation of our natural world since they were old enough to accompany me outdoors. In the past, I volunteered in our local elementary school for the Environmental Learning for the Future (ELF) program for a number of years. And at the Montessori preschool where I currently teach, we incorporate appreciation for nature and conservation of resources as part of our daily interaction with our immediate surroundings. In a recent “Growing Up Wild” training workshop I attended, the trainers emphasized how important it is to teach kids how habitat preservation is a vital component for the future of a sustainable natural world in our state.

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