Boy-head-on-books-SSFamilies the world over living too near industrial wind factories are reporting the same symptoms.  Children, with developing systems and increased needs for sleep, may be among the most vulnerable, along with the elderly.

The industrial wind proponents are sending huge basically “untested” turbines, factories,  into rural communities and areas of environmental sensitivity, with very little regard for noise guidelines, or not having done proper and thorough studies over years. It is basically an unlicensed industry, that  essentially lobbies government to produce legislation to aid and abet or permit “taking” of endangered species, profit taking of the most extraordinary height, and completely ignoble and disrespectful responses to complaints (via government agencies or themselves) from families and their children about health effects. Sometimes they “gag” a family, and buy them out.  None of this is remotely acceptable.


nina pierpointSeveral notable physicians around the world are speaking up. One of the pioneers of the research and education is Dr Pierpont. (We will also feature other notable physicians such as Dr Sarah Laurie of AU, Dr Arline Bronzaft of the USA, and Dr. Robert McMurtry, Recipient of the Order of Canada, and doctors and researchers who have sounded the alarm generally, but also specifically for children everywhere.)

Dr Nina Pierpont’s study of ten families is now iconic and preparatory for further contemplation of the living hell when families find themselves thrust into a matrix of compounding problems.


This website explores the inevitable paths to compromised health and disease for children who live too near wind turbine factories everywhere.  Many families are deeply, and rightly so, concerned about forthcoming projects, when they know they have carefully selected homes and communities for autistic children, kids with epilepsy, kids with photo or audio sensitivities, special needs children, and kids with a variety of other early life challenges.  When confronted with a turbine proliferation near their home, which may impact future health of the entire family, needless to say, special consideration is given to what the children may suffer.

Dr. Pierpont adds that: “They (turbines) cause problems ranging from internal pulsation, quivering, nervousness, fear, a compulsion to flee, chest tightness and tachycardia – increased heart rate. Turbine noise can also trigger nightmares and other disorders in children as well as harm cognitive development in the young…)” There were also unexpected drops in performance at school.

Dr Nina Pierpont’s work is now celebrated as ground breaking:  READ MORE

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